Monday, December 22, 2008

Prayer Part 1

Last night Mark and I had a wonderful conversation with a sweet friend of ours about prayer.

How I love conversations like that.

We talked about whether or not we should pray for the little things – like our children’s character issues, or selling our homes, or buying a new car, or job situations - the everyday things; the little things.

Last night Mark said, “Yes” the little things are important to God.

What do you think? Are the little things important to God?

Now I have to stop for a minute and brag on my hubby…it is amazing to me and so precious to be able to listen to him speak of the things of God and to know that what he has to say is right on biblically and wise, so wise…it is wonderful. How I rejoice that the Lord chose to pair me with this godly man. How thankful I am for Mark. I see and hear him teach every Sunday, but for some reason as I listened to him last night – it was beautiful. Just beautiful. And as I listened to him speak last night and learned from him (for I did) I found myself praising God that He choose to place me where I am. I think back to when we met and who we were then and I think, “Who would have thought?” And some still don’t (think so) because they just don’t know (him), because they don’t spend enough time with him, or think that because he doesn’t blog he doesn’t think (but which in fact probably makes him wiser than most of us), or they are still caught in a time warp and think he is still who he was as a child, or as a teenager, or even as a young man…and he is not! And I am so thankful.

I honestly believe that once you decide to step into the whirlwind with God…to surrender yourself and do whatever God calls you to do – be it something you like or don’t like – He will change you and you will never be the same. You can’t be the same once you’ve been in the presence of God. He won’t let you. If you come into the presence of God and you aren’t changed (and I’m not talking immediate transformation but gradual and consistent change), then something is wrong. But I digress…

I’ll write more when I have time.

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Donna said...

I really loved listening to Mark as well. He's amazing. God's word just flows from his mouth so naturally. I learned so much and I'm still chewing on it all...

I'm so grateful for y'all.


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