Monday, December 22, 2008

Prayer Part 2

More about prayer.

Continuing the story…later that night Mark and I spoke a little more about prayer and then we both fell fast asleep on the couch. When I awoke it was midnight. I went upstairs to check on the children and then I went back downstairs and woke Mark so he could go to bed. After he woke up (which he does not do easily) I walked into our bedroom and left him to follow after me. Before I got very far I heard a crash. I went back out into the living room and found him on the floor. He said that his legs had given out and he’d fallen. I tried to help him up and he said that he was dizzy and that his legs weren’t working. After a few minutes he was able to get up and with my help make it to bed…he seems fine this morning and can barely remember the strange occurrence…but it is slightly worrisome. I’m wondering if he had a small stroke.

So why am I sharing this, how does it relate to prayer? Because of what I immediately did when he fell. I immediately prayed. I immediately turned to God. And what a relief. Yes! What if I didn’t have this option? What if I couldn’t turn to God and to prayer because this issue was too trivial? Too meager, already arranged and unimportant to God, then I would be like so many unsaved who have nothing and no One to rely upon. There would be no hope.

We have a Hope.

What a blessing to be able to immediately call upon God for help. Did I once question whether or not God would care? No. Because I know that He loves Mark and that He cares for me. And I know that He wants me to call upon Him just as I would want my children to call upon me in their time of need…regardless of whether I am able to help them or not.

But, as I lay in bed later that night I thought about why I had prayed and I questioned whether I really needed to pray in the first place because wouldn’t God’s will be accomplished anyway? I continued to ponder this…and as you will see other things happened later that night and into this morning which lead me to ponder this issue further and in the end confirmed my belief that prayer – even for the little things - is really necessary. (But, maybe not for the reason you might think.)

More later.

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