Welcome. This blog is about many things but mainly about my attempt to live out an intentionally God glorifying life. Are you wondering what the definition of an intentional life is? Well, I am too. Come and visit and we will try to figure it out together. No, I do not have all the answers and I would never claim to. And, yes. I am a Christian. Therefore you will hear about God here. (Hence - the God glorifying part mentioned above.)  No apologies. It is my joy to talk about Christ so my faith will be liberally intertwined in all my posts - even those that are not explicitly about Him. (So, if you are reading a post about cloth diapers, and I don't mention anything about my faith, know that I cloth diaper because I believe that Christians have been given dominion over the earth. Just as God gave Adam and Eve the job of caring for the Garden of Eden we (as Christ followers) are to care for the earth and its resources. - i.e. we are to love the earth and take care of it and not poison and kill it by filling our lakes, streams, rivers, and precious earth with of non-biodegradable disposable diapers, etc. ~I wish I'd realized this five babies ago, but now I know which means - eyes opened - I have to act accordingly ~ intentionally.)

This blog is my attempt to share and document some of my journey towards an intentional life. (We are all on a journey - one that either walks ever closer to the Lord, or one that wanders away from Him. Of course you can also choose a middle course and draw neither close nor far - the Bible calls this sort of life 'lukewarm' and says that this is worse than walking away, but that is for another post.) 

Now I will introduce myself and my precious family. My name is Danielle. You already know that I am a Christian. I've been married for 18 years to my best friend. My oldest child is a son and he is 14. My youngest child, also a son, just turned a year. I am currently momma to six precious gifts - four boys and two girls - and I love it! This doesn't mean that life is never hard. It just means that despite the difficult days I love this life that the Lord has so graciously given me. As I write this I am in my early 40's. My youngest child was born when I was 42. We also had a sweet baby (whom we assume was a girl) that we lost at 9 weeks - she would have been born before Ethan our one year old. And, yes, even at 9 weeks she was precious to us and we loved her. We live in Texas. We are Texans. ~smile~ We also home school and have done so since the birth of our eldest son. This is our life.

So, that about sums things up for now. If you want to learn more about us, join the journey. May the Lord bless you as you seek to serve Him.



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