Saturday, May 16, 2009

Would you like a little Swine Flu with your bacon?

Okay, so this morning we went to Denny’s for breakfast (per Caleb’s request). It was about 9:30 am when we arrived and they were very busy. While we were waiting (seating seven of us was putting an undue amount of stress on the poor host) a man and a boy walked in and sat next to us. The boy was about ten or so and was holding the morning edition of today’s Houston Chronicle. The man with him asked him to read the main headline. He commenced to read,“ Swine Flu Closes Grade School, Travis shuts down with 12 cases confirmed and nearly 400 students absent”. The man then asked him to continue reading which he did, “Swine flu forced the closure Friday of a Houston elementary…” Then they have this conversation:

Boy: I thought it was more than that because that’s where I go.

Man: Yeah. Do you know the kids in the picture?

Boy: Yeah, that’s so-and-so.

At which point I lean over to Mark and say, “Is that possible?” Meaning, Travis elementary is in the Heights (Houston, Texas) and we live in Cypress (about 30 minutes away). Mark then says, “Yeah. It is possible.” Nodding his head for emphasis. To which I respond, “Did he say what I think he said? He goes to that school?” Meaning the school with 400 sick children that just closed due to the Swine Flu epidemic?! To which Mark responds with a nervous laugh, “Yeah that is what he said.” At which point the man with the boy realized that we were talking about them and about to ask them why they aren’t in quarantine or something so he told the boy that they had better continue their conversation at their table. Aaron then asked in a whisper, “Does that mean we are all going to get the Swine Flu?” To which Mark responded, “Don’t worry, we will fumigate you all when we get home.”

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