Thursday, May 14, 2009

Words in the Morning

Bess Mom, Aaron was trying to talk to me and I didn’t want to talk to him.

Mom (thinking to herself) – Hmmm, I know the feeling. (I don’t like to talk first thing in the morning either. I need time to wake up. I don’t think I’ve ever stated this out loud though.)

More about words…or The Backfire

Bess Mom! Use words!

This after me (mom) saying “mmhhmmm” to something she has asked me.

Bess Mom, I can’t hear you. Use words!

(Now, stop laughing! I know you just turned to whoever is sitting next to you and said, “Never can hear a word she says!” I really cannot speak louder. I’ve tried. Believe me if I could speak louder I would. Think of the trouble I have when I try to go through the drive-through. I got so frustrated once that I just drove off. Horrible, I know! Can’t believe I did that, well actually I can. I was very frustrated. Still horrible though and not something I’m proud of.)

The Why: Lately Bess (3) has taken to making strange noises instead of using words. I consider this a bad habit so I’ve been telling her, “Bess, use words.” Now you have to understand that Bess (Elisabeth) loves to talk, and talk, and talk, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat...words are not a problem for her. But I, on the other hand, do not like to talk and will often respond with, “mmmhhhmmmm…” Thus, the backfire.

Now I have to respond with words. LOL.

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