Saturday, May 9, 2009

Random Thoughts on the Day before Mother's Day

Where does it go?
I seek to stop it, but it slips through my fingers.
Ben’s soft head tucked beneath my chin
We rock.
The smell of him.
I pull strength from him
The week has been hard
I’m praying.
No real reason, just emotions – sometimes they take over, but I fight them.
Lord, help me…! On my knees.
Now I’m here. Days lost fighting self.
We rock. I pray.
God speaks. I strain to hear. Water for my weary soul.
He says, “This is fleeting. Treasure it.”
Family is precious. These little ones are precious.
You will have time alone. Treasure the now. Set aside self.
Set aside self.
Set aside self.
Yes, Lord.
Sweet peace
I can get up and go forth.
I lay Ben down to sleep. He smiles at me. I pray over him and he is calm. I sign “I love you”. He smiles and signs “more”.

I love you.

Treasure your little ones. Tomorrow they will not be so little. You will have plenty of time to yourself. Hold close the now; see it as precious.

Happy Mother’s Day

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