Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ordinary Day

Today has been a rather ordinary day. By ordinary I simply mean we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. I like ordinary. I like a slow easy flow to the day. I like knowing I don’t have to rush to go anywhere. I like being at home. I like home. Ordinary = a day at home, school, chores, every day stuff.

A small glass jar sits in front of me. It holds three red ladybugs, a few clovers, a large leaf (which according to Aaron has aphids on it), and a small prickly stick. It’s Aaron’s jar. He has a fascination with bugs and likes to collect them. I wonder how many other ten year old boys are still fascinated with bugs? It seems a bit old fashioned to me, but I’m okay with old fashioned. After Aaron found the bugs I suggested that he finally start the Nature Journal he has wanted to start forever. He did and is excited to continue this endeavor. I’m happy because it is an easy way to get him writing (which he hates). I have to remember to keep him writing though. I tend to have great ideas and then forget them the next day. Lol.

Here is a little about Auditory Processing Disorder and digit spans. Aaron has been working on digit spans daily and he has gone from being able to do only four numbers to being able to do five. He still struggles on certain number spans, which is really weird and baffling (he misses the same numbers over and over), but he is making progress so I’m happy. If we keep this up, I think he will be up to six digits by the summer. His goal is ten digits.

Earlier this week Caleb made this insightful comment, “Mom, is it all about God or is it about money?” Ha! Isn’t that the question! Convicted by a six year old. He also surprised me by picking up First Steps (a Pathway reader) and promptly reading (on his own) through it in two days, and then through Days Go By (book two) and now he is reading More Days Go By (the last first grade reader – his official grade is K, although I have him doing some first grade work). It’s nice to be surprised.

As soon as he is able to keep it himself, a nature-diary is a source of delight to a child. –Charlotte Mason

Ladybug Family - Coccinellidae


Donna said...

Hey! Jan Bedell is who my friend Andrea has been seeing for a year or two for her almost nine year-old Josh. Andrea told me that you're welcome to call her if you have any questions. About Scouts as well.

Love it when you blog! :)

danielle said...

Thanks Donna! I might just do that.


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