Monday, February 2, 2009

A Question About...

Boy Scouts.

Why do they camp on Sunday?

Even the home school troops camp on Sunday. Why?!

The word “non-sectarian” jumps out at me from the Cub Scout handbook.

This issue is a conundrum for us.

We have decided that we will not allow the children to play in a sports league that has games on Sunday (at least before church), but for some reason we want to excuse camping on Sunday. Are these two issues really any different? Should this bother me or is it no big deal?

Real Life: Every time the scout leader schedules a camp-out I have to tell her we can’t go because Mark has to teach on Sunday. I’m pretty sure that she thinks I am the most difficult den mother she has…


Momofsix said...

I agree- but how do we teach our children to Honor the Sabbath as the Lord commands? It is not a request. He tells us what to do, and when to do it with this one, if we make exceptions.
We are suppose to be "difficult" or "not understood".
Stay strong!
Your Sister in Christ
Angie Sellers

danielle said...

Thanks Angie! I needed the encouragement. I've been feeling lousy about this...not so much for having to tell them we couldn't go, but because I had to tell them at all. (Does that make sense?)

It makes me sad that they don't already want to honor the Lord's day. Why is this even an issue? I'm relatively new to this homeschool group and I guess I expected the homeschool scout troop to be different from the public school troop...but as far as I can see the only real difference is that the scout leader is a woman instead of a man...which isn't really a good difference in my opinion. The point of Boyscouts is to help boys learn to be boys...or am I wrong?

danielle said...

Just a note - I'm a little afraid that it may sound as though I have a problem with the Webelos Scout Master and the truth is that I do not. She is a very sweet lady and she does a great job with the boys. I'm not upset with her or anything she has done...

I even understand the "why" behind camping on Sunday...I'm just not sure that the "why" makes doing it any more right.


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