Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Right Here; Right Now

I’m sitting here feeling the adrenaline that has kept me moving all morning fade and weariness hit. We’ve been schooling most of the morning and I’m tired.

The minute I sit down my energy fades. At night I’m asleep almost as soon as I settle on the couch to watch TV with Mark – usually around 8:30 p.m..

I was up several times with Ben last night. He is finally over a cold that he fought most of the Christmas holiday. Now something else weird is going on with him. Teething, I think. As I mentioned, he has been waking several times each night for several nights now and it is catching up with me...strike that...running me over .

I’m mindlessly eating from a bag of Texas Style Jalapeno Chips. (Can you tell I’m tired?) The bag says that they are “Intensely Different”. I like them. I also like Salt and Vinegar chips so I guess I like intense flavors…at least in chips.

Outside a boy and two little girls fly past the kitchen window. The boy holds a small sword in his hand; the girls are wearing brightly colored capes that are fluttering in the wind. It’s cold out for Houston, but these three, like their Mom, like the cold.

I’m reminded of my youth…I used to run around my yard with a cape on and a sword in hand…or actually my weapon of choice was a bow. The difference between my children and myself is that I had to make my own cape and bow and my children wear and wield store bought versions. Bess is also wearing a pink Tu-tu. I have to grin. She looks so cute. Caleb’s sword is pretty cool. I would have loved to have had it as a child.

I recently joined Facebook. Well, actually I joined a long time ago and never did anything with my page; now I feel like I’ve jumped into a rapidly moving river – kind of like the Lazy River at the local Splash Park turned up on high – and along the way I’m running into all the friends I’ve ever known.

I’m still not convinced that there is any real good purpose to Facebook. The connections are nice, but I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t just another way for me to waste time that I don’t have to begin with.

Well, Ben is awake now and the day isn’t over…I still have reading to do with Aaron and Bess to nap (Yes, at 3:00 p.m. – we are running a little behind today) and bills to pay later (a task that ranks right up there with cleaning the bathroom).

So let me leave you with this little exerpt from a book I recently finished. It has nothing to do with anything or maybe it does - I'm not sure, but even if it doesn't, maybe it will inspire you a little.

To live with a sense of wonder is to be aware, every day, that life is a drama and your Maker is the main character. You are His beloved that He came to rescue and whisk away to a happily-ever-after. As we carry out the mundane routines of our everyday lives and we lose our focus on what truly matters, it’s easy to feel drained by the pressures and forget that life is a beautiful love story between yourself and your Maker, an awesome adventure in which you live against the odds that try to destroy you, a comedy at times in which the strangest and funniest situations take place, and a meaningful drama in which there are life lessons and spiritual parallels everywhere we turn. –from When You’re Running on Empty by Cindi McMenamin


Donna said...

Loved the quote by Cindi McMenamin!

I am on Facebook as well, and I actually think it's been a platform for me to share Christ and the blessing of children. Many, many of old high school friends have written to me and commented about my family size or "how I do it." One of my elementary school friends that later moved and works in film (she wrote the screenplay for Freaky Friday and the Broadway script for Legally Blonde and her book called Freaky Monday is coming out on Amazon in May...) has been in touch with me and I've been able to share with her about why we live the way we do. Her husband has been begging her for another child and after me sharing a few things with her she's going to go for it (although she still said she'd stop there :)

Anyway, it doesn't have to be time-consuming (my time-eater is reading blogs really) and in a minute you can share Christ. It seems that only ONE of the many old friends I'm in touch with is a Christian.

Heading out for a walk...

danielle said...

Donna, thanks for that. I hadn't really thought too much about the witnessing aspect because most of the people I'm facebooking with are people from church, family or other believers. I have thought about the Titus 2 aspect, but that's about it.

In fact I didn't put down any of my high school info (on Facebook)on purpose because I am actually afraid of being contacted by ex-boyfriends and I'd rather not go there.

I know I don't have to accept them as friends, but I'd rather they didn't find me at all. If ya know what I mean...

Donna said...

Yikes! If you put your maiden name on there, though, of course they can still find you. So you didn't put that on there?

Yes, most of my "friends" on FB are high school acquaintances. We have our 20th reunion coming up in July, so everybody is starting to communicate a lot more than in the past.

danielle said...

No. No maiden name, but I dated one guy for a long time and was still seeing him off and on when I met Mark and he and Mark had met each other before Mark and I met so he might remember (although I doubt it) Mark's last name. There is also the off chance that he still communicates with my sister cause they were buds. I've never had the guts to ask her. Haven't really wanted to know.

I haven't told my sister that I'm on facebook or that I have a blog...although she might have searched it out - the blog. I'm sure she has probably been on facebook forever...

Ah well, I'm probably doomed already.


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