Friday, January 30, 2009

A New Line of Work?

Probably not.

Today I became a ‘washing machine repair woman’. HA! Not really. What I really did was go online and read about how to fix my non-functioning totally indispensable washing machine (won’t spin and isn’t draining all the way). I was “homeschooling” myself. I also did a lot of bargaining with God and praying over my machine – asking Him to please fix the machine until we have enough money saved up to buy a new one – the one I want that can handle doing all the wash loads our high wash load family creates. Lol.

The current wash is almost finished (I think) so I’ll let you know how things go and whether my banging on the machine made a difference. I'd say, "cross your fingers" but I don't believe in that, so if you'd just pray that the Lord would take pity on me and the huge pile of laundry I now have (after a week of having a non-functioning washing machine) on my laundry room floor, I'd appreciate it.

Update: Well, the load is finished and all the "work" I did on the machine had no effect. Ah, well...Praise Him!


Cristina said...

Hey! Nice to spend some time reading your blog and catching up on how things have been going!


danielle said...

Cristina, So glad you stopped by. It is good to hear from you again.


Momofsix said...

UGH washing machines. I can not stand them. My father in law says they do not make them like they use to. He had one for over 20 years before it decided to quit. You are lucky-very lucky(if you believe in luck-better word is Blessed) to get 5-10 years out of the new ones. They can not maintain they capacity it states, especially if you have a large family like we do.

If I was brave- I would get a tub and an old washboard- and use my hands, but I am not that brave! ;-) Maybe lazy is a better word!(haha)

Praying the Lord will bring you a working washer fast!

danielle said...

Too true! Thanks for your prayers I need them. The machine still isn't working and the laundry is...

Well, let's put it this way, I might be buying that washboard and tub pretty soon. ;)


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