Sunday, November 1, 2009


Day: Sunday
Time of day: Late afternoon

Ben starts making noise in his crib (he has been asleep).
Caleb asks, “Mom, can I go and check on him?”
Mom says, “Yes, go ahead.”
Caleb enters Ben’s room and Ben greets him “aawwaawwaa” (translated as “Hi Caleb how’s it going?”). Caleb says to him, “Hi Benny, Mom is on the computer so I’ll read you a book.”
Ben says, “Awawa”.
Caleb begins reading.
Ben says, “Bawawa” and starts coughing (which is crazy because he was perfectly healthy when he went to sleep three hours ago) and grumping and saying, “Ma, ma, ma….cough, cough”.
Deep wracking cough.
Caleb continues to read.
More coughing.
Caleb finishes the book, “The End!”
Mom decides that it is time to get Ben.
Caleb starts reading another book to him.

Mom is still sitting at the computer.
Caleb starts a third book entitled "Dinosaurs Binkit" (I overheard that title. Great book btw - I love Sandra Boynton!)
Ben starts calling for me again, "Aaaaa mmmaa, maaaa..."
Now Mom goes to get him.
Caleb starts book number four.

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