Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I edited the previous post as I did not like the copy that posted. Originally I wrote it and set it to post at a later date with the intention of editing it first. Then my day got busy, and then the power went out (a transformer blew or something), so I edited it (for good or ill) this morning - a small reminder that God is in control and not me!

And a few more reminders...

For a few weeks Mark has been teaching on the Book of Job and the weirdest string of things have been happening to us starting with both of our cars having mechanical problems (one is unfixable), and then Mark's brother being diagnosed with cancer, and then Bethany blowing something up in the microwave so it is almost unusable, and our phone/internet connection going down for two days (a cut cable or something), and yesterday the power going out (it wasn't raining or anything), and the list goes on. As my mother would say, "If I wasn't laughing, I'd be crying!" Oh, and this morning I walked into the children's bathroom (upstairs) and found dead flying ants all over the place. Ah well, at least they were dead and in the bathroom and not in the children's bedrooms or worse their beds!

Lately I've found myself thanking God that only "little" (with the exception of Mark's brother's situation) aggravating things have happened and begging Him to keep it that way! Thoughts of Job make me thankful for little problems...although, of course, none at all would be better still.

Yet in the midst of the craziness God is constant and He does give His gifts - little reminders of His love - because yesterday as I was leaving the house to go somewhere I saw a full rainbow and I saw it several times as I drove away.

It's the simple things.

God's blessings in the midst.

Thankful for...

13. Rainbows
14. Children
15. Routines
16. Cool weather
17. Pumpkins
18. God, Mark and the children putting up with my attitudes.
19. Grace
20. Ben saying, "uh-huh"
21. My husband not allowing me to be foolish.
22. Green Tea
23. Friday coming home
24. Caleb praying
25. Women who come to church alone on Sunday morning with children in tow. (You are my heroes!)

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