Friday, March 27, 2009


I just have to share this…

Today I read the best definition for Quiverfull that I’ve ever come across.

Here is a taste…

We believe that a couple can be quiverfull with no children at all! In fact, a single person can be quiverfull! It is a Scriptural mindset. When we welcome children into our families; when we are grateful for the precious gift of life, then we are quiverfull!Perhaps we should define quiverfull as having a sovereign view of God’s gift of children. That being said, I think we can prove ourselves to be NOT quiverfull by being obsessed with having MORE children, when God has closed the door.


Being quiver-full is accepting that the size of one's family is ideally not up to personal choice. It is the surrendering of our family size to the Lord. It is not striving or obsessing either on limiting pregnancy OR on causing it. –Stacy McDonald

Read it all Here.

And to all y’all who ask me, “So, are you going to have any more (children)?” The above is my (our) answer. We are neither striving to have more children, nor going too far out of our way not to. And If you want an even more in depth understanding of our view on this (which varies just slightly from the above, but only slightly, may I suggest you read God, Marriage , and Family by Andreas J. Kostenberger (specifically chapter 7; To Have or To Have Not Children: Special Issues Related to the Family).


Donna said...

WOW, love these quotes!

FYI, I used to get my milk from this family that I love, and they moved their farm to Cameron, Texas to expand. Now they're feeding nearly 200 families a week! Anyway, they're having a farm day that I bet your kids would love, and it would be a good homeschool field trip. Alysha is such a godly woman and her family is so neat. Here's the link:

danielle said...

Donna, Thanks so much for the link. What a beautiful family your friend has. I can't wait to visit her farm!

Bird said...

Cameron -- that's just a hop, skip, and a jump from Waco. ;-)

danielle said...

Bird, Cameron is between us and you guys (Waco) right? You should go for a visit or we should meet there sometime. We could do a picnic.

Donna said...

Maybe after visiting her farm and trying their milk, Y'ALL WILL START DRINKING RAW MILK! Yahoo! Then I can send you my caspian sea yogurt culture (or actually you can get it from Alicia - I sent some to her) and make your own homemade yogurt simply by setting it on the counter for 12 hours. It is deeeeeelicious.

Need more pics of Benzer.

danielle said...

:) Donna, what would I do without you to give me a good laugh!

I want to drink Raw milk - well actually I don't want to drink it, I want my kids to drink it. I don't like milk.

I think Ben would really benefit from some fresh cream. He is such a scrawny little guy. I'll try to post a few pics of him. Can you believe he turned one on Monday?!

Hey, here is a better idea - you and Jimmy need to move to Cameron and open your own little farm and then I can buy the milk from you! Yay! ;)

Donna said...

All your kids could benefit from raw milk. It strengthens their immune systems. Plus, you should have something raw with every meal so you have live enzymes to help digest food, and that's the easy way to do it. My kids haven't had a cold or virus for over a year, and I really think part of it (besides being a gift from God!) is because they get raw kefir/yogurt/milk every day.

You'll have to drive to Louisiana to get your raw milk from us! And pastured chickens/cows/eggs! Although after reading "Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal," I'm wondering if I'll be able to get away with selling food. You might have to get it for free.... :)

Bird said...

We buy raw milk from one of the gals I work with, her fam has a cow. We all love it compared to non-raw milk.

Danielle, you're right about Cameron. We can't plan anything until after we move, though. :-)

danielle said...

Really! Brandi never told me y'all drink raw milk. In fact in the past she told me you guys don't drink milk at all.

The other day I was at our local Farmers Market and asked the owner if she knew where I could buy some raw milk and she (and the other people in line behind me) acted like I'd sprouted a second head. So did my mom when I told her. At the time I was buying fresh eggs for $4 a dozen and questioning my sanity.

Congrats on your house! We are so excited for you guys. How fun to have so much land. Mark and I very much want a house with a little land. Then I could have my own hens (although I really hate chickens - I have a past history with them) and could charge someone else $4 a dozen. ;)

Bird said...

Despite our differences with them, we're extremely blessed to work and live so close to the Homestead Heritage people. We've developed some good friendships and connections. We buy whole wheat tortillas from them for $3.5 per dozen. Raw milk for only $4 per gallon. And fresh eggs for $2 per dozen. The farm fresh stuff is soooo much better.

About the house. It's not a done deal yet. :-) We still need to get an inspection and, though we've gotten a Good Faith Estimate from our lender, I'm still nervous about financing until we sign on the dotted line. If we do get the house, though, the first thing we're going to do is get chickens!

danielle said...

:) Good! Then you guys can bring eggs when you come to visit me. ;)

I wish I had the Homestead folks close by. I loved that place.

That is a great buy on the milk. Donna told me it costs close to $10 a gallon. (Part of the reason I've never gone too far out of my way to find any.)

I thought Mark told me that you guys were closing today?

Bird said...

We're signing the papers to begin the closing process. We still have to get a home inspection and finalize the financing. I'd say it's about a 75 percent chance we'll be in that house, but I don't want to count our chickens before they hatch.

We've heard around here that raw milk is at least $7 or $8 a gallon. So to get it at $4 is a real steal. Again, we're buying it from a HH family that we're really good friends with -- that helps.

Donna said...

It's seven dollars a gallon, Danielle. And it's worth it!! :)

danielle said...

Ahhh...$7 a gallon. :)


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