Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Secret Santa

Before I post Part 5 of Prayer I have to share the sweetest thing…

Some of you may recall this post from my old blog. In this post I listed several things that I wanted. One of the things I listed was that I wanted a long skirt that was suitable for going out on errands as well as sitting around on the floor with my little ones. Well…and my heart is just so overwhelmed at this…last night Mark was leaving to run to the store and outside our front door was a little bag marked to me and from ?. There was no name showing who had left it.

A secret Santa. (How fun!)

So, what was inside the bag? I’ve given it away already…Yes! The beautiful skirt pictured above and below. Some sweet person read my post and gifted me exactly what I’d asked for…and folks this is not just any skirt…this skirt is from J.Jill! I’m getting chills just writing about it. What a sweet, sweet, precious blessing! Thank you SO, SO much dear person or persons (I think I know who you are). You have blessed me beyond measure. This has to be the best Christmas present I will receive this year…because it was done so selflessly and was exactly what I asked for. It is just beautiful. I can’t wait to wear it. And it fits perfectly! (No small feat I might add.)

After the gift arrived the children kept asking me – does God send presents in bags to people? Can He leave presents for people? And my answer is, yes! Yes, He does. And He did. Because He uses His people…they are His hands and feet. This morning I read a wonderful story about this that I will share after my next post which will further illustrate this point – you might want to get your tissues ready.

And dear person or persons it may be that you have unknowingly answered an odd dilemma/question that has been rolling around in my mind for months, and months, and months. It may be that God has used you unawares to tell me through your gift that I need to do this thing, but that is another post for another time.

God bless you. And many, many thanks! May the Lord pour out His love upon you this Christmas.

P.S. This skirt will go great with my new boots! I love it!

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